Master in Innovation Design Management

Master in Innovation Design Management


The program encompasses processes and strategies to generate innovative products, services and brands.You will be exposed to courses, project activities on real projects in collaboration with professionals and companies. You will be challenged to stress their lateral and critical thinking approach to set and solve problems, experience the design of new activities to allow a further enrichment of your approach to the discipline.


The multidisciplinary approach of the Master in Innovation Design Management will provide you with a wide range of career opportunities (according to your skills and interests): from a business developer to an innovation manager or a design strategist.

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Berlin is the creative centre of Europe, chosen by start-ups, founders, entrepreneurs and young designers as the perfect place to work and live.

The capital offers an eclectic mix of events, festivals, launches and exhibitions, which make Berlin a magnetfor creative and innovative people from all around the world. It is the perfect city to network and buildbusiness relationships. Berlin is one of best places in the world to study, because of its cool urban designscene, modern architecture, high quality of life and affordability. The city is also rich in parks, recreational areas, woods and rivers.

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